Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Beginning

Ok for some strange reason I decided to start a blog. My life is generally pretty boring so there isn't much to write about, especially if that writing is public for anyone to read. So what has changed now? Is my life suddenly more exciting? Not really is the honest answer, the only thing really new in my life is that I've been walking everyday for the past month or so. I try to walk between 3 to 4 miles at least 6 days a week. While walking I see some interesting things, or things that get me thinking and I suddenly though it might be interesting to write down some of these mental gymnastics I go though while I walk.

Today near the start of my walk I saw 6 of our city's finest officers running a speed enforcement operation on the main street near my house. This was a much larger operation than they normally run in this area. Most of the time they send out two motor officers, They place themselves where they can shoot you with their radar as you approach and then if you are speeding they step out into the street and wave you to the curb and then write you up. today the cops clearly wanted to have some fun on their motorcycles. They were parking on a side street and after a speed when by they fired up their motorcycles and then when chasing after the offender. This seemed like a waste of time over their normal procedure but I guess it is more fun for the police. I'm sure a lot of the people getting nailed in this operation were students on their way to the junior college a few miles up the road.  I have no love of speeders, especially when I'm out there walking but I also have no good feelings about the type f speed enforcement actions I typically see in my area. It just seems that while our local police force is way under staffed and lots of fairly serious crimes are going unsolved ( and not even investigated in many cases) there are more important things to do that go after a bunch of students who are going slightly over the speed limit. Then again the local neighborhood association has been making a lot of noise for the need for traffic calming on the street in question so that is probably the reason for the increased speed enforcement lately. Hopefully all the money the city will collect from the speeding tickets will be put to good use, like hiring a few more officers so that maybe a small dent can be put into the ever riding crime rate.

Today's walk states

4.25 miles
526 ft of climbing

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