Monday, December 17, 2007


I was so disappointed when I woke up this morning. The rain for the day had ended. I was so looking forward to walking in the rain this morning. I love walking in the rain. I like watching the water flow down the gutter, run off of hillsides, form puddles etc. When I was younger and we had a weekend place in the mountains in northern CA I remember spending hours on a bridge watching the water flow down the river. The higher and strong the river was flowing the more fascinated I would be watching the water go by. There would be certain ripples in the water that would be the exact same for several minutes and then something would happen that would cause the ripple to change shape for a while before going back to the way it was before. I also really like the sounds of a strongly flowing river that is all brown from the dirt that has been washed into the water by the rainfall runoff. Since I don't live near a major river these days I have to settle for the weak alternatives like water flowing down a gutter.

Instead of taking a long walk in the rain I steeled for two shorter walks. The first walk was to the store. I only needed a few items at the store today so I walked instead of taking the car. Today makes 25 miles that I have walked instead of taking the car within the last month. THis works out to about 1 gallon of gas that I have saved by walking instead of taking the car. Doing my part to help keep additional pollution out of the air. While surfing the web this weekend I found something I really want. It is called a Hook & Go It is a device you can bring to the store and after you check out you can hang your grocery bags in it and then wheel the bags to your car or to home. Having one of these would mean I can walk to the store a lot more often since I could then easily bring home more than one bag worth of goods. To bad the only place I know that has this item is currently sold out, Hopefully they get a new supply in quickly.

Hopefully the weather predicators will be correct and it will be raining tomorrow so I get my walk in the rain.

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